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As the 6th generation Tai Chi practitioner, Yongxiang Ye’s path is destined to be different from her peers. To her, Tai Chi

is not only a school of martial arts, but also a life style in the modern world.

The video is shot in a sephere frame to express the philosophy of Tai Chi.


Short Video | 4 min | China | 2016

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Jade Dumplings

To celebrate the Chinese New Year,we replicated the classic recipe from the popular anime show Chūka Ichiban! and brought Jade Dumplings to life. Yum!


Short Video | 3 min | China | 2016

杭盖 x Miou1342-2.jpg
Hanggai Band

Hanggai is an Inner Mongolian folk music group based in Beijing who specialize in a blend of Mongolian folk music and more modern styles such as punk rock. This group portrait is taken for their third album Horse of Colors.


Still Photography | China | 2015

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