A 65-year-old Chinese animal rights activist is on a mission to stop the slaughtering of dogs in provinces where dog-eating is glorified as a gourmet tradition. 

Dir. Mijie Li

Associate Producer 

Feature Documentary | 110 min | China | Post

Fifteen years after surviving domestic violence, a non-binary Chinese pop-star and drag queen visits their hometown and confronts their estranged father.

Dir. Jess X. Snow


Short Narrative | 10 min | USA | Post

A Native American man takes a “Happy Thanksgiving” wish from a bank teller so personally, his rage leads him to carry out a bizarre revenge plan.

Dir. Shane McSauby


Short Narrative | 10 min | USA | Post

It started as a fairy tale, and ended in bloody violence.

Dir. Alyssa Loh


Short Narrative | 10 min | USA | 2019

Mongolian girl Chasuna visits her father in the big city and meets an unwelcome addition to the family.

  • Jury Award, Best Student Film, Aspen Shortsfest 2020

  • Jury Award, Palm Springs International ShortFest 2020

  • Winner, Best Asian American Student Filmmaker - East Coast, DGA Student Awards 2019

Dir. Yuan Yuan

Associate Producer 

Short Narrative | 12 min | China | 2019

What does the model minority do after dark? (A screwball noir in 5 languages.)

  • Best Short Narrative, Boston Asian American Film Festival 2019

  • Jury Prize, Best Asian American Student Filmmaker - East Coast, DGA Student Awards 2019

  • Selected, Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival 2019

  • Selected, PÖFF Shorts 2019

  • Selected, Rhode Island International Film Festival


Associate Producer 

Short Narrative | 18 min | USA | 2019

When Sheila, a retired kindergarten teacher, learns that her husband is having an affair with their neighbour, she decided to solve it once and for all.

Dir. Alex Wiske


Short Narrative | 12 min | USA | 2018

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